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Time Tracking Outlook

Time Tracking Outlook – How To Make Better Use of Your Time

A timesheet is a great way of tracking the time spent on various activities, not just from a monitoring purpose but also to understand if the task is being performed efficiently enough. Many employees of small and big business organizations prefer using time tracking outlook features to track the time they spend on various tasks and then enter the time into their timesheets. However, users, especially from management, perform a lot of desk jobs that are not easy to track and tend to slip through the cracks. Outlook has many features that help management ensure that they know accurately the number of hours spent both on internal projects and on customer related jobs.

You need to be able to not just track your activities but also the time that you spend doing them. You will thus be able to see how much time is being spent on a particular activity – in meetings, attending phone calls, answering emails or resolving issues for a particular client. You will also be able to grasp if you are spending too much time on any specific task and make informed decisions about how to allocate your time more efficiently.

You also need to understand where you stand with respect to the entire project or task on hand.

Time Tracking Outlook

Time Tracking Outlook

Of course, we have to mention the most popular time tracking Outlook feature that most employees use nowadays – the Outlook calendar. It is so simple to set up an appointment and track how much time you have spent on the appointment using Outlook calendar. When you receive information about any appointment or meeting through an email, you can simply drag the item to Outlook calendar. All the information about the event will be collected from the item and displayed to you automatically.

It was only natural that TimeSheet Reporter, a leading timesheet reporting solution, thought of building on this time tracking Outlook feature.

While timesheet reporting has been the time-tested way of knowing how many hours employees spend on various projects as also of understanding how to manage projects better, it also has its drawbacks. Employees often complain of the amount of time it takes to enter their time across different systems or of not having a more intuitive way to monitor, say their desk jobs.

TimeSheet Reporter now allows these employees to use the time tracking Outlook calendar feature to time when a particular event such as a meeting or task associated with a specific client began and ended. Users can add comments that they feel necessary and use TimeSheet Reporter to simply submit this to their supervisors.

By making use of the powerful time tracking Outlook features, TimeSheet Reporter has ensured that all employees feel comfortable using the application and submit their timesheets accurately and on time.

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